Q1: What is paragliding?

Paragliding+Sunset skies = Perfection!
IFEC Pilot-in-Training during one of practice flights in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

A1: The leisure sport of paragliding is considered the simplest and (relatively) cheapest way to soar the skies! Paragliding takes advantage of the wind to propel a person from a takeoff, to a landing zone. Essentially, the flyer (aka the pilot) only needs his wing (the paraglider), harness (that big, clunky but very important bag that connects him to the wing) and other safety essentials to fly!

Q2: Is paragliding the same as parachuting or skydiving?

A2: All three are aerial sports, but paragliding differs from the two because the pilot has more freedom to dictate the course depending on landscape, and wind conditions.

There are other “flavors” of paragliding:

  • Paramotor, in which you attach a big propeller on your back to fly like a plane
  • Tandem Flying – as mentioned, you fly with someone. Good for sharing the skies!
  • Accuracy flying – short, but very technical style. Imagine trying to land on a circle 1 meter wide!
  • Cross-Country and Acrobatic Paragliding. These are the extreme versions, for the true-blue adrenaline junkie.

Q3: Can anyone just buy equipment and fly?

A3: They say that the game of poker is a game that takes five minutes to learn, and a lifetime to master. The same is true with paragliding, and in every sport or field… if you really want to excel. You may be able to buy the most expensive gear, but it won’t get you anywhere if you don’t train. You have to fuel your interest with time and effort to become a true master of the skies.

Even seasoned pilots never get tired of practicing, testing new sites, and fine-tuning their skills. The upside of all those efforts is the true appeal of paragliding – you’ll get to visit places. Before you know it, you have already explored the world, and made new friends!

With IFEC’s Basic Paragliding Jojongsa (Pilot) Program, we can provide you the quick but thorough way to learn the basics of paragliding. We also have refresher courses for old-time pilots to sharpen their skills.


Q4: So, how long can I become a pilot myself?

A4: There’s no sugarcoating here. To fly as a paragliding pilot, you have to secure a license. There are several licensing levels; IFEC follows the format of Philippine Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association, Inc. (PPHGA; see diagram below). Obviously, you start at novice level (PG1) and work your way up to become Tandem, Instructor, Cross-Country and Master Pilot.

That being said, IFEC IS SUPER PROUD to have South Korea’s MASTER PYRO for NuViz Paragliding. A renowned paraglider, Pyro is a Master Pilot licensed here in the Philippines and in other Countries. He himself owns a flying school in South Korea and won many paragliding competitions. Name any aerial sport, and Master Pyro KNOWS it!

Q5: What is NuViz Paragliding?

Q5: NuViz is our endearment name for Nueva Vizcaya, the Citrus Capital of the Philippines, and the gateway province of Northern Luzon.  NuViz Paragliding is IFEC’s own brand of paragliding: Exciting Skies, Chill Landscape. We offer the safest, and most awe-inspiring flying experience, be it solo, tandem or paramotor. As we already mentioned, you can also start your journey becoming a pilot with us!

If you haven’t been to Nueva Vizcaya, make sure you allot more time than a day’s worth of paragliding to experience the culture (note: we have more than 14 native languages here!) and the hidden sights!

“Luneta of the North”? We have it!

Spelunking/Caving? We definitely have it!

Waterfalls? We have LOTS of it!

Mountaineering or Skyrunning? Say no more!

NuViz Paragliding is endorsed by the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Tourism Office. And IFEC is happy to be part of NuViz’s ecotourism industry. Don’t simply take our word for it – fly with us to see what we’re really talking about!

The excitement to fly above Nueva Vizcaya’s naturally vibrant landscape never fails to make paragliding passengers smile. Need proof? just ask NuViz’s Supervising Tourism Officer, Ms. Marichelle Costales 🙂

Q6: Okay, suppose I just want to fly without the fuss. Should I do tandem paragliding instead?

A6: If you are on a tight budget or schedule to train as a pilot, or if you simply want to try paragliding first, you can book a NuViz paragliding tandem flight at a schedule of your choice. You just literally sit back and enjoy the view of Nueva Vizcaya landscape while our master pilot controls the skies.

we offer reasonably-priced flights, that cover the following:

  • Use of safety gear
  • Full raw video coverage using GoPro
  • Your picture-perfect flight

IFEC’s NuViz Paragliding offers good deals for pair, group or corporate bookings. Tired of your usual “spaghetti” date with your loved one? Paragliding is sure to spice up the mood! NuViz Paragliding is also perfect to jumpstart or cap your vacation in the province!

Q7: Wait, is paragliding really safe?

A7: IFEC holds itself to highest standards of paragliding safety. Only licensed commercial pilots are allowed by IFEC to fly tandem passengers. Also, we encourage passengers to book their flights with a spare day for easy re-scheduling of flights. Simply put, we do not fly just for the sake of money. We value your trust to book with us, and so we only fly when it is truly okay to fly.

Q8: I am physically challenged. How am I supposed to fly in tandem?

A8: Paragliding is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone! Kids, persons with disabilities and senior citizens are welcome to try NuViz Paragliding! Check out our partner blogsite http://www.violetology.com and Facebook Page Violet Paragliding for fun videos with previous passengers and visitors!

For more details about safety restrictions, please contact ifecpyro.com so we can answer you on your booking and health concerns.

Q9: How frequent do you fly passengers?

A9: NuViz Paragliding is open for tandem and paramotor booking the whole year! If you want to enroll for a pilot course but you have no long vacations, you can arrange your training schedule with us at your most convenient time. Licensed pilots who want to try NuViz’s good winds are also highly welcome.

Q10: Where do I sign up?

A10: You can book for tandem flights, pilot courses and other paragliding services via the following:

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and Fly NuViz Paragliding now!