Nueva Vizcaya Flying Club

Paragliding, paramotor and paratrike is the newest and fastest-growing competitive adventure sports in the Philippines.


The International Flying Education Center (IFEC) is a leisure sports company that specializes in these human-flight activities. Our services include training pilots, flying tandem passengers and creating tours for pilots to fly in different take-off sites across Asia.



Paragliding in Nueva Vizcaya started in December 2018. A series of test flights was done by Korean Flying Instructor Kwang Hyun Paik, known in the Philippines as Master Pyro.

The vision to start paragliding in the Valley was initiated by a Novo Vizcayano paragliding student, Violet Lucasi-Elrays, after flying in different fly sites in neighboring Asian countries.

international flying education center

In January 2019 the first batch of tandem flights was launched. We had 12 pioneer fliers who painted the skies with delightful screams and laughter. The success continued as more Korean pilots were invited to come in. 3 more batches of flights (January, February and May) resulted to a total of 147 fliers in a span of 33 (scattered) days.

The first paramotor flight took off in May 2019 for the Grand Ammungan Festival. Hundreds of people witnessed the flyby spectacle. The flyover created local awareness for the possibility of human flight in the region.


ifec training course

In partnership with NVFC, IFEC offers a training course to develop local pilots in the province, who will cater to the influx of tourists and enthusiasts. This is part of the vision to make Nueva Vizcaya the paragliding Mecca of the North, thus further promoting the province’s tourism industry.

The Nueva Vizcaya Flying Club (NVFC) was launched in February 2019 when 3 local students signed up for the Beginner’s Pilot Course. As of today, they have graduated from their Paragliding 1 level and are continuously being trained by Master Pyro.

The club is a corps of Novo Vizcayano pilots who aim to promote and advance air sports in the province. Our goal is to become a training pool for future world athletes and produce professional pilots, both for leisure and commercial flights.


To make sure we provide everyone with a safe and fun flight:

  • We only work with professional pilots and licensed instructors
  • We conduct safety checks of equipment annually
  • We passed certification standards by the Philippine Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association, Inc. (PPHGA)